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It is encouraged that all members book classes online in order to avoid showing up to a full class and not being able to enter.  If you need to cancel a booking please do so at least 90 mins prior to class to avoid late cancel fees.  Late cancel fees will be applied to all no shows and cancellations less than 90 mins before the start of class. The fee is $10 in addition to the loss of the session. Studio rental cancellation must be done at least 4 hours in advance. Any cancellation done in less than 4 hours will be obligated to pay a $15 fee for late cancellation. Classes will be cancelled if there are only 3 attendees or less. This can be overridden, upon request of attendees, for an extra charge of $30.


All memberships require a 3/6 month commitment and require that a valid credit card be presented to set up auto pay upon signing the agreement.  Cancellation fees may apply to memberships cancelled before the 3/6 month time frame is met.


New Member Promotions

All new member promotions are limited to one redemption per client.


Payment Methods 




Merchandise is exchangeable with-in the first 10 days of purchase but is non-refundable. 



In the back on Chestnut Street (meter payment required/do not block the storage units, garages or gated area) or along Main Avenue.

Studio Etiquette 

Please arrive for class with enough time to check-in, store your belongings and set up in the studio.  We suggest at least 10 mins prior to class.  Students who arrive 10 minutes late will not be permitted to enter the class.  All classes have capacity limits.


Pole Classes - 10 spot limit

All Other Classes - 25 spot limit


We ask that you are mindful that there may be classes in session when you walk the hallways.  All lockers must be cleared out after class.  Failure to do so will result in the staff removing anything left behind and putting it in lost and found.  All cell phones should be set to silent and there are no cell phones allowed in the studio during classes.  Lastly, please respect this space.  Make sure to clean up after yourself immediately following class and clear the studio so that staff can prepare the room for the next session. Make sure to bring water to class.  Please no glass bottles.

Photos/Videos for Social Media or Promotional Purposes

Personal filming is permitted in the dance classes. Some classes will be filmed professionally for videos to be posted on our website but it is not required to be on camera. If you wish not to be filmed simply just let the instructor know.

*Reception to advise


Dress Code

Shirts/Shoes are required to enter and exit the studio


Equipment Rentals

All equipment rentals must be purchased before the start of class.  You will be responsible for the cost of all equipment that is not cleaned and returned following class.  Equipment rentals are non-refundable.  


Space Rental

Studio space can be rented during unblocked class hours. Renters must pay at or before the rental period and must also submit a Studio Rental Agreement providing full details of the reason for reason. Studio must be left the same way it was found, clean and with all equipment functioning properly. If anything is not working or broken upon renting please let the receptionist know immediately to avoid fines.

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